Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You Are Loved

I have had a great mentor during my role in my last rotation. For Christmas, I made him a gift for his son. I had to think for a while before I came up with the idea because he is the same as my boyfriend in the situation when I have to think about -What do you get a guy that can buy everything himself? I made him a 12x12 shadow box. He is in love with his family. His world is his less than a year old son, who is growing up extremely fast. This baby is quite the handsome fellow and will surely capture the hearts of many girls in the future.

My favorite aspect of the layout are the rolls. To add dimension to the layout  and to fill the shadow aspect of the box, I rolled strips of 1"x12" and 2"x12" around a hot gun glue stick. I loved how the texture came out after I laid them down next to each other. I love the circle patterns all over the page as well - pattern background, clear buttons and flair badges. This little boy is so very loved by his parents. I also thought it was more suitable in a white shadow box frame than the typical black frame I use.


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