Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello, New Jersey!

I am home! As unplanned as it was, I did have a week's worth of vacation by accident thanks to Sandy. It was really nice to spend more than two days in a row with Martin in North Carolina. I was able to meet more of his co-workers at a social event his department was having. Tomorrow is back to reality and this  blog will once again take the back seat. Hope those of you still recovering from this unfriendly are hanging in there. 

Moving on, I try to  do something different every time I make a page. I am not much of a technique kind of a person. Most of the time, I enjoy surrounding the photos with pretty embellishments. That is the fun aspect for me in scrapbooking. Lots of people are extremely intense with this hobby. For them, techniques are a big deal. 

My big button heart probably is not a technique, but I like how it was a new idea to create a shape with the buttons. I have gotten the myself a silhouette cameo, but I haven't had a chance to take it out to use. I could have cut out a massive heart with paper. The buttons give it more dimension. I thought the big yellow button was really neat as well, it came in a mystery box. I did not find a good home for it until this layout. 

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