Thursday, July 2, 2009


Have I ever mentioned how much I love to eat? When I was a sophomore, Grams and I asked Mr. Brodman to go have dinner with us and share his travel story. Since then, it has been tradition. Mr. Brodman and Grams has started recommending better and better places to have dinner. Trust me our visits have been divine. While Grams being in Philly, she did a great job scoping out the amazing restaurants in her area. Especially the Stephen Starr ones. But this page isn't a memory of our occasional dinners.

Mark and I went to Philadelphia for a weekend, and for two nights in a row, we tried some well-known restaurants in Philadelphia. Parc was still relatively new so I was super excited that I was trying before Grams did. The food was super good, I have had better but it satisfied my hungry appetite.

What I love to do is also collect a bunch of memorabilia from these restaurants, I think it was a Grams thing; but I use them to scrapbook. I think it brings great color to the page, and I love how I brought out the green in Parc's lettering.

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