Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sharing with Mom

Would anyone believe me if I said I was very busy? I would because I am constantly exhausted, unmotivated and drained. I just read an article recently about how many people are saying they are busy. But being busy doesn't mean much; it gives the impression of being important and needed. Life shouldn't be this way; or at least I think it shouldn't be. I do believe that time is worth more than money. This long weekend was a much needed break for me. Unfortunately, it felt very unproductive because all I wanted to do was to do nothing. Nothing means watching television, pigging out and sleeping in until I cannot feel anything anymore. I need a few more of these to have myself to reset back to normal and to feel invigorated again. 

Below I tried to use a relatively new stencil on the background, punched out a bunch of hearts and lined them up to a heart shape. This picture is super cute of my cousin and her son sharing a cookie. Too adorable to not make a page for. 

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