Monday, September 30, 2013

What True Love Looks Like

For some reason, any place I visit there is always an Anthropologie waiting to be discovered. And when I find one, I have to go in. I don’t necessarily have to buy anything; but, I have to go in. Most of the time when I discover a new Anthropologie, Martin is with me. So when we went to New Orleans and I saw a building that I thought would look awesome as an Anthro building, lo and behold it was! Of course, I would ask Martin first to find out if we had time for it. Usually, it is a yes! ( Yes, I know I am spoiled.) As I browse through another Anthro, Martin finds himself a comfy chair and occupies his time with his phone. I snapped this shot of him from the stairs because it shows how patient and kind he is.


I really liked the Sundrifter collection from Studio Calico. The hearts are punched out from some of my favorite patterns in the collection. I also punched out heart from the Anthro jewelry tags. The jewelry tags are usually black and white photos. I thought it would bring a bit of the store into the layout. Instead of using the word 'love' I replaced it with a heart and wrote love in it.

There will be a whole lot more love this week so stick around to find out why tomorrow.

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