Sunday, September 22, 2013

Martin's Surprise Barbecue

I spent a month prepping for Martin's birthday. It is difficult when you don't know his friends and you do not live in the vicinity of each other. Martin wanted to have a barbecue sometime during his stay in the States. So I wanted to throw him a surprise party.  I recruited a colleague of his to contact all his friends and help find a place to throw it. The hardest part was having food bought, prepared and last the six hour drive down to North Carolina from Virginia. Not only that, I was away on business the week before, so preparation time was limited. All in all, it turned out well and Martin was surprised.

I am really loving the chevron pattern. This gorgeous blue is from a scrapbook kit themed North Carolina Martin had gotten me for our anniversary last year. There will be more of the kit when I start sharing pages about our North Carolina adventures. Lately, I have also been addicted to frames. Love them! I buy anything frame related that I can get my hands on.

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