Saturday, September 21, 2013

Holding in my Fear

Heights are one of my many fears. You will never find me on a roller coaster or at the ledge of anything tall. I really dislike it when I can see through the ground. Anything with holes is also a no-go. However, it is extremely rare that I would be in Chicago so I had to go up the Willis tower and check out the Skydeck. It took a while to get up there because the line was horrendous; it is expected for a tourist spot.

My heart started racing as I got closer to my opportunity to be in the clear glass box that sticks out the side of the building. It allows you to see in every direction, even down. A kind stranger helped me take a few photos. I took a deep breath as I stepped into the box asked them to be quick because I was not sure if I would be brave enough to stand there for very long.

What I love about this layout is using my white gel pen. I have not written with gel pens since maybe fourth grade(?). The 'Skydeck' title and date are DIY thickers that can be colored. I am too lazy to pull out mists and embossing powder, so I like to stick with the white most of the time. I also liked how the geo-tag fits nicely in the border strip.

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