Sunday, September 29, 2013

Capture the Moments

For whatever reason, I hold on to my guy friends a bit better than my girl friends. I usually chat with my close ones once a month. That is usually as frequent as it gets. But I love them to pieces and they always make me laugh - maybe my guy friends are just better phone people. One person I truly enjoy the company of is Brian. He extended me an invitation to the NJ American Cancer Society Gala. I went without thinking about the location too much, but it was the same place my senior prom was held. I cannot believe that was seven years ago; time sure flies quickly. It was a lovely dinner with pleasant company. Many of which I already knew because Brian just invited our classmates from Business School. He practically filled the table with Rutgers Alum. There is a group picture of us, but I have yet to scrap those. However, there is nice picture of Brian and I, that it had to have its own page. 

The I wanted layers with all the different collections I pulled out. There were also these lovely wooden clips and use them as ways to hold the page together. It is meant to be as random as it is. The title didn't come so easy because I had none until I found the piece from Basic Grey's Capture collection. 

Recently, I found a volunteer opportunity in my town on Now I am off to go volunteer at the church around the corner- I am helping restock its food pantry. It is really nice to find time to do something for the community again. 

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