Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Driving Long Distance

Good morning and Happy May! I rarely get up early; since my cable box in my room has broken down, I have gone to bed early, hence waking up earlier. Happy Wednesday!

After experiencing the three and half hour drive to Virginia from New Jersey, everything else seems relatively close; Baltimore is only forty five minutes to an hour away from me. ( Raleigh is still five to 6 hours - that is still very far. ) Washington D.C. is close too but the traffic stresses me out. So I drove all by myself to Baltimore to meet Mr. Brodman. His student had a conference there the weekend of February 9th. I met up with him for brunch and we went to Miss Shirley's Cafe. It was quite yummy. I love it when I can customize the meal to something I prefer. After lunch we walked around for a bit and did a little bit of shopping.

As one should be able to tell, the weather was quite decent that weekend. I am glad I made the trip up. My trip back to Virginia wasn't so bad either. I even got free parking; I would call that a successful Saturday. I suggested to Martin that we go when he visits me.

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