Monday, April 22, 2013

Sleep, Eat, Walk, Eat, Repeat.

I am attempting a new schedule: waking up early to workout. I am really hoping it will stick. On the other hand, most of my memories of New Orleans consist of food. We sure ate a lot those few days and I thought we ate fairly well. For Sunday brunch, I found us a really cute cafe called Cafe Amelie on the famous Rue Royale with all the antique shops. Before and after brunch, we had did a bit of shopping for our families and friends.

To wrap up our trip we did a hop on - hop off bus tour where we just sat on the bus the entire time. We were taken to a few places that we would have never been able to get to on foot. While on the bus, I saw Anthropologie and had to make a visit and a purchase of course. We grabbed a pre-dinner bit at is the French Market. A Po-boy what they are called - yummy again.

Picture of a perfekt boyfriend who patiently waits while his girlfriend shops at Anthropologie. 
Just wanted to share that.

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