Saturday, April 20, 2013

Been Too Long

It has been just too long since I last written a post. It has been extremely hard to motivate myself to write something. Don't be fooled, I have been scrapping like my life depends on it. My apartment walls are covered with my new pages and I am loving how the white space is being filled up. I will shared those another time. Today, I want to fill you in on my recent happenings. Recently, I took two days off to go to New Orleans, Louisiana. I have always wanted to go; I have heard so many good things, especially the food, about the South. The next few posts will be able about this trip. 

Martin and I flew out Thursday night (April 4th) from our respective airports. We met in Kenner, location of Louie Armstrong International Airport (MSY).  

We had absolutely not plans. The only thing planned were the meals I made reservations for. A few were recommendations from Grams and a few were ones I picked out on my own. I can't wait to share those meals. More about that later. 

Without plans we decided Friday morning that we would walk towards the water also known as the famous Mississippi River. A few blocks later we found ourselves at the French Market. It had a few food stands but there were also a ton of, what Martin calls, crap shops, which are the typical souvenir shops. I was also told to try the Muffaletta at Central Grocery. I must say even though I do not like olives, it tasted pretty darn good. But based on Martin's experience, the owners/ workers were not that friendly. This was totally not the norm of our experience in NOLA. Martin and I shared a half of one Muffaletta. we were saving our stomachs for the evening meal. 

We continued meandering through the various parts of NOLA on foot. Martin and I loved the homes in the French Quarter: the colors, the balconies, the style were all very attractive. Some times our picture were just of the outside of the homes. 

After our tremendous amount of walking around, we took a relaxing break at our hotel before our three hour, yes I wrote 'three hour', dinner at Stella! They were so nice and accommodating when I asked if Martin and I could split a wine pairing. I do not drink and a  three ounce glass would have been so wasted and expensive for just me. We had the four course prefix, there were options for the four course, Mind if we did the seven we wouldn't have had any choices and it would have taken longer than three hours. Take a look at what we ate. Saying it was delicious would be an understatement. 

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