Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lent Commitment

I am sure I have failed this year's Lent miserably. During the last 40 days, I did not buy any clothes. However, because I had committed to helping my cousin create presents and new scrapbook albums, I had no choice but to purchase scrapbook supplies. I also had to return my Project Life sleeves because the set that arrived did not contain all 60 pages. Therefore, I had to reorder them from Amazon. My godfather, the former lawyer, helped me rationalize these purchases as work related. Apparently the reasons worked too, because it did not stop me from buying whatever I thought I needed. I haven't been spending money on all the crafting supplies; yesterday, I received another giveaway that I won. I can't wait to create new projects with them.

I also purchased an organizer for my mini spools of ribbons. Originally, I placed all my mini spools in this large glass holder. But I always had trouble selecting ribbon I could and want to use on my projects.

Now I have this organizer to help me see a bunch of my ribbon at the same time. Currently, my washi tape collection is small. When I acquire more, I will purchase separate case for those.

I also received a sweet treat in the mail yesterday. Every girl likes flowers, and every boyfriend that sends his girlfriend flowers is an awesome boyfriend. Thanks Martin!

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