Friday, March 30, 2012

So Many Babies

I am not sure if it is Baby season or Wedding Season. But there are many requests for these types of cards lately. Or maybe I am just getting to the age where I know people getting married and having babies...odd.

Have I ever mentioned that I like balloons? Balloons for birthdays, balloons for babies and probably some balloons for weddings. I have no shame when it comes to taking center pieces home from parties. Unfortunately, I have surpassed the age that is acceptable to fight with my cousins' children to take them home. On occasion I like to think I am a good aunt and is always up for letting them enjoy their youth as much I probably did not.

Anyways, I have made another Congratulations baby card. I use the same sticker set, but I had a different design. Below is a card requested by my god-sister. Another baby boy! Lots of bundles of joy coming into the world. Do you see my inspiration of balloons?

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