Monday, March 5, 2012

Scrapper on a Budget

I consider myself a budget conscious scrapper. Whenever I purchase an item, it either has to be on sale or I have a coupon to discount it. If I could get a penny for every hour I spend thinking about whether I want or should buy something, I would be filthy rich. It is ingrained in me to get the most bang for my buck. This definitely translates to my scrapbooking as well. Whenever, I start a new page I try to use my scraps and already opened products. I also save a lot of tiny little pieces, thinking that I might be able to use them again on a later project. The negatives I am left with after I use the Slice, are kept in a little bag hoping they will come in handy later when I am creating new pages.

This layout was creating with many different leftover scraps. However I did need a fresh sheet to make the circle rim cut out. I love the colors and how all of it can come together to be a background for these photos. My cousin-in-law Tim is with his son, Jake, in the photos. Jake makes him so happy. You can see the love emanating through the photos.

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