Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Tool: Scoring Board

Anything scrapbook related motivates me to create more layouts. My cousin Joyce surprised me with an Amazon shipment: Scoring Board and a pack of 12in x 12in card stock. I am digging my new Martha Stewart Scoring Board. I haven't use it too much for other than making cards. But it is such an  awesome tool to use with you need to make many repetitive folds.

Martha Stewart Scoring Board Product Review:
It has great spacing as small as an eighth of an inch. It wouldn't do much good for the metric system, but since it is for the States it works with the American system just fine. The corner dimension identifier (I made that name up) is useful for making envelopes. It locks with the board fairly well and underneath the board, there is a pocket to insert the corner dimension identifier. It even provides the standard sizes for you, but you would need to know what an 4BAR , A2, A6 and etc. mean. The little bone fold that comes with it does the trick and you can hide the fold in the long compartment at the top of the board. But use it lightly, because if you press too hard the ends of the paper will tear. I would suggestion using a thicker bone fold that will not go into the grooves. Lastly, I think it is extremely large- larger than the 12x12 sheets. Storage tends to be a problem for me so finding a spot for it was slightly difficult. But if you have lots of large drawers or storage units, it should fit just fine.

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