Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making My Own Kit

I did not order any other item from Becky Higgins other than the sleeves. Nothing against her products; I am super excited about my sleeves. As for the other items available, I am trying to convince myself I do not need them. One item that caught my eye was these 3x4 grid journal cards. They were not that expensive; it is priced $3.99 for 100 cards. It looked really cool with the grid paper, but it reminded me of engineering paper. Immediately, I thought I could make them myself. I still have stacks of engineering paper. (Apparently being an engineering student has come in handy for my hobby.) I purposed bought the Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper to mimic the rounded corners of the Project Life products.

Step 1: Looked for my stacks of engineering paper. Not to jump the gun, I chose a small stack to sample with. So thank you URS for supplying me with this paper. Now it is going to turn into my journal cards.

Step 2: Trim them to the standard size of 3in x 4in. You can really make them any size. The pockets for Project Life sleeves come in different sizes. 4in x 6in or 4in x 4in.

Step 3: Use the Crop-A-Dile corner chomper- size of 1/2 on all four corners. If you wanted them smaller, there is always the option of size 1/4. Use your creative license. I think the standard is the 1/4 size for Project Life.

You end up with your own personal stack of grid journal cards. And it did not cost me extra to make. I already had the paper and all the tools to make my own.Hopefully, this sparks some creativity for you to make your own embellishments and journal cards.

I am super excited to be finally working on my Project Life. I know it is the end of March; but hopefully I will be able to catch up in a few weeks. There are a ton of photos I need to get through. 

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