Friday, March 16, 2012

First Shadow Box

My cousin had asked me to help her make a present for a co-worker's new baby granddaughter. I spotted a really nice white frame by Making Memories. It came with a bunch of random add-ons. Some I kept; some I just threw away. I added a bunch of new things to the layout to build dimension. This has been a different type of task for me because usually I try to keep my layouts flat to fit nicely into an album. For project like this one below, shadow boxes encourage the third dimension to have things pop out. 

Yes, as I have said below the frame was white. But after I placed in the layout, it looked really plain to me. So my itchy artsy hands decided to paint the frame. Thank goodness my cousin still liked it after I did that. It was a relief because I wasn't sure if I even liked it. Now, it is definitely 'one of a kind'. 

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