Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Scribbles

I am really trying to keep up with all the professionals that can write a blog entry with a project in hand every other day. There is no time with my current schedule to pull out my materials and create something on the spot. Today, I decided to give a tip because I have not done that in a while.

My tip deals with motivating myself to scrapbook. If I do not have purpose or end goal, it is extremely difficult to scrapbook anything. That's why I love to plan out my scrapbooks page by page prior to starting anything. Laying out my pages helps me plan what sizes I need to print my photos, which at this moment is at my local CVS. I try extremely hard to be neat in my drawings, but over the years my handwriting has slowly gotten sloppier. So I will expose how I like to plan and still maintain the neat looking sketchbook. The first picture is how I love to scribble quickly in my planner on blank empty pages; it isn't meant to be neat and precise. It gives me a chance to just jot down my ideas. My second picture is my neat sketchbook that I had recopied into my pretty graph paper notebook. So no one ever see my sloppy sketches, only my neatly drawn out with a ruler sketches.

This is the messy me.
This is me trying to be neat and clean. 
Hoped you enjoyed my tip. Time for some more school work.

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