Friday, November 4, 2011

21 Fun

My cousin turned 21 in October. Of course 21 is the fun age where one can officially drink alcohol legally. Not that I advocate drinking (because personally I do not like it), but I have yet to take her out for a drink. I have purchased her a souvenir and a birthday gift on my Italy trip, but I did not have a card for her. She has not received either yet, so I will not reveal the gift. However, I will show the card I made for her in 30 minutes right before my 9:30 pm group conference call.

I recently purchased two surprise boxes of products from Wendy Sue. The excitement in my eyes when I went to go pick up my two medium flat rate boxes was like a kid's eyes in a candy store. I used only a few pieces of patterned paper and embellishments, but the card came out perfectly. Hopefully, you will think so too.

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