Monday, June 27, 2011

Of the Few Accomplishments

Four massive size garbages of garbage, three garbage bags of clothes to donate, 106 new hangers, 12 new decorative boxes, 5 new cubical storage bins, a new desser, and two whole months later, my room is officially clean and organized. One can see all of the floor that is not required to be covered by furniture. I can walk across my room without having to jump over piles of clothes and boxes. And when I wake up in the morning and roll out of bed, I can immediately place my feet on the floor and not have to leap over anything. I am extremely proud of myself because another goal on my list has been accomplished. Cleaning my room seemed like a stretch when I first started the attempt. On the weekend, I even vacuum and dust religiously to keep it as neat and clean as possible.

When I graduated from undergrad, the Dean Farris had invited me and my entire family to the Dean's Dinner. I felt honored to be included in this small selective group that was invited. My Mom, Sherman and my God-father were supportive of my achievements. I have learn to take things in strides; it those small milestones are what get me through the day.