Monday, May 2, 2011

First Sale

So in attempt to pay for my hobby, I decided to start selling cards. Cards for birthdays, holidays and for any other reason someone needs a card. My roommate, Diana, is super supportive that she was my first customer. I helped her make a card for her sister's birthday. I was not really planning it to be a birthday card. The card read "dream big dreams brittany! happy birthday!". I scrap lifted the ribbon part from someone else. 

I also made a card for my God-father's birthday. Most of the time, I really like keeping it simple. So I really like how his card came out. I like how I bracketed the "b" because it was a play on his last name. I have a few cards in storage for Mother's Day. After I pick out a few for all the Moms I have got, then I think I will give away the rest. There is a lot of stress involved with making your hobby an income. I think I might pass on that experience for now. I will be starting my internship in a week; **crossing fingers** that everything goes well. 

1 comment:

  1. dreaMS! clever title :P

    i like the card for mr. b. i'm sure he loved it!