Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Things Change Quickly

It takes a long time to grow an old friend. ~John Leonard
... but time does fly quickly. 

It already more than half way through my second semester in Newark and many decisions have been made. A little over a month ago, I was panicking like all my fellow classmates about internships. Who will offer me an interview?...When will I have time to prepare?...What will they be asking me?...Will they like me?...Are they going to hire me?...When will I find out?... and the list goes on. This list no longer bothers me, my new list is...Will I like my job? ...Will I want to eventually work here?... What will they think of me?...What opportunities have I given up?... Do I want to do Supply Chain instead?... Where do I want to work in the future?... (sometimes I ask myself) Will I be living somewhere else?... Will I move out of the country? and so on.

But in a span of three weeks, I was interviewed, given an offer, accepted the offer and then my summer was set. I never expected to have anyone give me a chance to prove myself, but I really appreciate someone seeing potential and ability through my minimal experience. What I do know though is, by the end of the summer, I will have the experience that potential employers are looking for.

The next quick decision was finding out where Martin would end up during the summer. He received an offer to intern back in Germany, although it is far it is an amazing opportunity with a top consulting firm. However, he recently also interviewed for J&J, another amazing company. * We are keeping our fingers crossed. *

On to my layout, Eric and I met on a family trip to Maine. Our families did a group vacation about 5 years ago on a bus tour from Chinatown to Maine. Not exactly the typical, cool type of trip for the Winter, but our parents dragged us, so we went.

I reached out and found him working in NYC. We decided to catch up over a meal last summer. It was so nice to just see what he was up to after graduating. Randomly I picked a restaurant called Cooper's Tavern, that was close to Eric's office at the time.

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