Saturday, March 5, 2011

{Travel} Trails

Crop Chocolate's next assignment was to do something on {travel}. It is just my luck, because I took so many pictures this past winter, of course I took advantage of the opportunity to start my album for it. My page one to the start of the winter vacation album is shown above. When I was on the plane, it had the option to select flight status on my screen. I occasionally checked to see how many miles I had flown and how much longer I would be in the air. That is how I got the shot of the plane over the Atlantic Ocean. My nervousness also took place when I had to catch my connection flight at London Heathrow. The second picture is the boarding signing for my flight to Frankfurt. If you cannot tell already, I like having a trail of anything. The buttons are like a path that I took to get from one place to another. I cut the pictures  into circle shape to match the circular buttons. Majority of the kits were stickers of stamps or cut out of stamps. So I tried the clutter method, and overloaded on the layout with all the stamps in the kit. I guess  Making Memories like the 'stamps' theme to its kits. I am scared of the pins because I anticipate poking myself with them. But the kits has these cute little flags. They were a great addition to the layout to add dimension.

Making Memories Passport Kit
Making Memories Panorama Box

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