Friday, March 18, 2011

The Sun is Hiding in... Miami Beach!

I have been deprived of the internet badly these past few days. The reminiscing of the horrendous hotel is not even worth mentioning in another sentence. So I shall talk about how wonderful the rest of my first proper spring break was. In the beginning, I wanted to blog like I usually would for a trip like this; unfortunately, I had limited internet access. I could not keep up with my emails, facebook or even reader with everyone else’s blog. When I returned home yesterday evening I had 90ish emails, 276 unread blog entries and a few facebook updates. The days passed by faster than I thought they would. Depending on my typing mood, the next few blog entries will entail the details of the trip.

March 13th, 2011

Martin and I had to get up early at 4am to catch our flight at 6:45 am at Newark International Airport. After Martin showered and I started to get ready, he checked his clocks and asked me “Hunnie, why did you wake me up an hour earlier then we needed to?” At this point, I felt horrible, but we couldn’t immediately explain why my phone went off and his alarm clock did not. Little did we know, it just so happened to be Daylight Savings or how I called it “Saylight Davings”.

We were super lucky that I set an alarm that knew to automatically changes on its own. If we waited until Martin’s alarm to go off, we would either have missed or been rushing to the airport. The flight was smooth and quick. Of course the first thing we realized and were looking forward to was the weather. It was gorgeous in Miami. The palm trees and warm weather was extremely welcoming from the cold New Jersey weather.

Palm Trees
We dropped off the luggage at the hotel and headed into town. With no plans or any knowledge of the area, we landed ourselves at the Lincoln Road Mall. It was an outdoor strip mall with stores and restaurants. Since it was Sunday, there was a street market along the Lincoln Road Mall area. Martin and I grabbed some lunch at Finnegan’s 2 and walked around the mall for a bit until we were tired. I was super good the entire time; I did not buy a single thing, even when I saw an Anthropologie. (I swear they find me; I never go looking for them.) Of course Martin’s idea of a vacation included visiting the Apple store to check out the new Ipad 2. After an early morning and extensive walking through out Miami Beach, we returned to the hotel to rest up for a fun day at the beach the next day.

Weekend Street Market
Cupcakes... yummy and adorable.
They follow me.. I swear
He wants one... oh dear...

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