Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the Wild Everglades

March 15, 2011
There were a good number of RBS MBA candidates in Miami this week. Nicole and I were actually on the same flight to Miami. I had bumped into her as we collected our luggage from the carousal. Another classmate of ours wanted to get together. Martin and I planned a trip out to the Everglades that day; we told Hernan to join us. The three of us saw crocodiles and learned a little about the Everglades. Again I will let the pictures do the showing of the fun day we had. 

Martin and I on the Airboat

Our tour guide

Snakes were so close to me

I wanted to drive

I forgot what this was called

First Sighting of Wildlife

The guy said to get out so I got out :P

Yellow Group Number 18

This guy had a very interesting voice

Crocodile Wrestling

Larry and Me

Martin was too scared to hold a real one, so he held  a stuffed crocodile

Hernan and Martin

Martin and Me

Group Picture

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  1. I am so jealous now! I think the alligator I held didn't have a name ;)
    And I love the pic of Martin holding a stuffed alligator!