Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Old Days

Layers...Layers... then Clutter! Sometimes I compare my layouts to ones I see on other blogger's sites. Not only do they or may they have a higher disposable income, they add a layer, after layer, after layer to things on the page. Sometimes, it may look cluttered. But for some reason, they always look great! I do not know why I am so stingy with my materials. It may be because I definitely do not have a disposable income to spend and purchase loads of materials. But I think I just need to be more daring and experiment more with my materials. I save every scrap so I just do not like building up a pile of materials that I have a really hard time using and incorporating into new layouts.

For the my senior year in undergrad, I had joined the Engineering Ambassadors. We were tour guides for prospective students every Friday afternoon. Students from various engineering majors would represent each departments. It would only make sense for me to represent Civil Engineering. I miss doing it every Friday with the bunch. The picture was taken at one of the last tours we did for my last semester of my senior year. I recently visited the Deans and Kendra at the school. I even tried to stop by on a Friday to see if any of the old tour guides were still tour guides. I only saw Sean and Musie, but that was enough. I was able to see Dean Rankin and Dean Bernath and I was able to update them on my schooling. I cannot believe another half of a semester has come and gone. It is already March.

I love polka dots. You can see the reoccurring theme with the circle cut outs that I used to bring out the Title and the quote "A true friend fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty". I was going through  tough time the last semester of undergrad. When I had something to do everyday with friends and knowing that I have Friday tours with great people, it kept me busy. I had also used the clear "Best of times" and used the same technique in attaching it with brad as I did in the Missing You entry.

As some may have noticed, at times there will be a list at the end of my entry naming all the products I used for the layout. Sometimes I do not. At the start of my blog entries I did not list them, eventually I realized I would want to know what some people use. So I started, but sometimes I forget to write down after I complete a layout. This time, I do not have a list because I lost or accidentally threw away the stack of note cards I wrote on listing what is in this layout and many layouts to come. Woops, sorry folks!

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