Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commitment is a Challenge

I have never been a big person into the Christianity religion. But I saw today that Lent is tomorrow. I do not understand the this practice, but I do know you are suppose to commit to giving up something. So I decided that I will try it out this year and give up my guilty pleasure for Lent. The idea of not spend any money is actually near impossible. Instead, I selected two general groups that I spend way too much on: clothes and scrapbook supplies. So from now and until April 23rd, I am giving up spending money on clothes and craft supplies for Lent. I will commit myself the next 46 days to complete this challenge. Wish me luck!

On to my layout....

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. ~Barbara Bush

I received news from my Mom recently that my Cousin Carmen is pregnant. The family is growing so quickly. Like I mentioned, all my cousins are getting married. Some even have children already. I can recall days that my Cousin Carmen was in high school and we would just talk about boys. Now she is a lawyer, married and going to have a baby. 

This is a very very very old layout. So old that the picture is also about 5 years old. In the picture is Baby Justin, who is definitely no longer a baby. He was one or so when we took that picture  back in 2006. My family and I went to California to visit family. But I remember around when I made it. The biggest hint is the amount of punch outs I used in the layout. I went to Michaels and Amazing Savings around the similar time and went crazy buying punch outs. I love the little-foot punch out to give an image of the baby's little feet . The stars are from patterned paper; I was able to find a star punch out and used the punch on the pattern sheet to punch out the stars the paper already had on it. As for the flowers, I found an idea to make flowers from a heart punch out. I was able to group the hearts together to create a multi-petal flower. The layout is so old that I do not know what I used in it. Hope ya'll forgive me. 

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  1. Family grows so quickly! My dad has lots of brothers and sisters, so I have a TON of cousins - now they found me on FB and I've getting a million requests, which is cool, but I don't know them, haha!