Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introduction to Culture

For some reason, I keep hearing things about Germany. Whether it is the H.C. Starck case I am reading for class, the speaker from BASF that comes in is from Germany, the things I eat like my Dannon yogurt or my Midol from Bayer is all made by a German company. You do not notice these things unless you are exposed to it intensely. It does not mean I have had enough; I enjoy my German company very much. Or I would not be interested in learning more about the culture. Oktoberfest- the beer holiday, or at least that is what I call it. I didn't have any beer that day, but I did have a bretzel. Doesn't Lena look great in her traditional outfit?

This is another layout from Martin's Valentine's Day gift. I like how I used the heart hole-puncher along the bottom so that I can add a layer behind the main background sheet. It adds dimension to my layout. Originally I planned to use the same pattern paper as the butterfly and 2010. I wanted to do a color combination of brown and pink so I decided to use my left over crepe paper from my graduation party. I love using leftover scraps. I pulled out my MM Slice to create the die cuts of the butterfly, flower and 2010. This was done ages ago when I was bored one day. I decided to cut a bunch of die cuts at once. It saves time and clean up to just find a day and be constantly cutting out whatever I wanted. I need to purchase more design cards. 

Everyday Tango Pattern Paper
Making Memories Slice Basic Design 2
Friskers Heart Punch
Cloud 9 Design  Rain Dots Neutrals eyelets
Queen & Co. Yellow Sunshine Rhinestone
Stickopotamus Mini Brush Letters

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