Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspiration from Everywhere

I have this new desire to make cards. Any kind of cards- birthday, shower, baby, congratulations, get well soon, thank you-CARDS! Lately, cards have been the hot topic on scrapping blogs. If I had more time I would make cards, and start making cards for any occasion. Maybe more for birthdays than for anything else, because it is more likely to run into a birthday of someone than knowing someone that is having a baby. 

I have been very organized and have been working on developing a daily reading list of blogs on Google reader to read. That's how I keep coming across so many pretty cards. Between class, work and interviews, I try to escape by browsing through blogs for inspiration and by catching up on new products that are coming to the market. But it is hard to keep up with the commenting and learning about each individual blogger's style. I am trying to be supportive to friends that have started their own blog by leaving comments whenever I have a thought or two to give. Though I have a very small reader pool, I am happy that I am really doing this for myself. I am making my memories count and to remind myself that I have creative thoughts too. 

This is one of my very first layouts of my Germany trip. I cannot tell the history behind the place and I cannot tell you more than the name of the place. But what I can tell you is that launching fireworks has a very dirty aftermath. When we went on New Years Day, the white snow was covered in multicolor filth. I can also tell you that there is a cute little cafe in the place, but because it was cold and on New Years Day, they did not have many customers. 

This is one of my favorites from the pile I made for v-day. The cluster of flowers is what draws me in the most. Seeing this as a  2-D picture does not do the plastic flowers justice. I'm thrilled to do the color combination of blue and brown. Extremely glad that I was able to add the orange and red into the layout. I would give credit to American Crafts because that is how the flowers were sold. It came in the color combination of light blue, red and orange. Ribbon was definitely a material I wanted to add to the layout, but having only one strip looked a little weird. So I covered the entire bottom with the brown and blue ribbon. Red lettering title "Limburg Monastery" was able to stay on the ribbon and stand out. Another difficulty I usually have and I had with this particular layout was with the vellum. I did not know how to attach it on to the picture. I wanted it to have a background and the picture was perfect in the sense had a bit of background room to the right of the picture. I folded the vellum to tuck it behind the picture so I could glue and tape it down. The rhinestones also were a great method to attach the other slide of the vellum to the picture without covering too much up. Do you even see the progression in rhinestone sizes?

Recollections Light Blue Argyle
American Crafts Greenhouse Plastic Flowers 
Queen & Co. Light Blue Rhinestones
DCWV Vellum Quote Stack Love
White Blossom Glitter Alphas
American Crafts Premium Ribbon

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  1. ooh the lettering is cool. i was wondering how you got that cursive so seamlessly!