Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine...

Internship applications have been my life the last week. The more I apply, the bleaker my chances look at finding something I would want. Thank goodness for Martin, for always having the levelheadedness to keep me calm and on my feet. Even after my fits, tantrums and outbursts, he remains unshaken and supportive.  That is why there is no one better to be my Valentine this year than him. I would elect him to be the most wonderful boyfriend; but all the girlfriends will probably beg to differ and claim their boyfriends to be the best, which is a fair statement. So I will restate and say that he is the most wonderful in my life.

I started making his Valentine's Day gift weeks ago. I was also designing something for Crop Chocolate's January 2011 Challenge with the theme of {LOVE}. This assignment was perfect since I had to make the present anyway. I was looking forward to the goodies that were supposed to be shipped to my house while I was away on vacation in Europe. Unfortunately, some of the materials were on backorder so I was unable to use them for this design challenge. This is just the front cover to the present.

I like the simple-ness to it. Of course it had to encompass the typical color of Valentine's Day: Red. I received the "be mine" embellishment stickers from Crop Chocolates special "Hot Chocolate" packet that you can add onto your purchase for $2.50 at the end. You never know what you get; so the surprise is always fun. This treat came just in time for Valentine's Day. At least something was useful in the package. Everything other than the backdrop was materials from Crop Chocolate.

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Making Memories Shimmer Alpha Sticker
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