Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arrived Home with Goodies

Yesterday, my Godfather took me out for a birthday lunch in Philadelphia. Grams couldn't make it because she went on vacation to Maine, but I was allowed to invite Martin. I had an awesome meal with two of my favorite people. I selected the restaurant Le Bec Fin , the first two pictures below shows how elegant the decor is inside the relatively small restaurant. I read rumors saying how they may be closing down temporarily in the spring. That's mostly why I wanted to go there, but it also helped that we made a pit stop at Anthropologie before lunch so I could use my 15% off birthday coupon. 

Dad's Selection
Roasted Chestnut Soup
Filet Mignon
Martin's Selection
Roasted Spanish Octopus
New York Poussin 
Cheese Cake
My Selection
Mushroom Ravoli

Mushroom Soup in a Cup

Duck Margret
Wendy, Cheese Cake and the Grand Marnier Souffle
Table Picture
Then we went to Reading Terminal Market to pick up many goodies. Dad got cookies, bread, deli meat, cupcakes, rice krispie treats, bagels, a muffin and anything else I wanted from the busy-busy market. We left the market with our hands full and pockets almost empty. It was super busy on a Saturday afternoon, the traffic going into Philadelphia looked horrific as we drove passed it going home.
Reading Market's Flying Monkey Cupcakes
We had a few more stops before heading back to Newark, but it was quite a fun and eventful day.
Every girl wants flowers...


  1. Oh my word...These food pix are amazing! So are the chandeliers! Thank you for sharing!! Beautiful! (Im glad Im not the only one who takes pix of food lol)

  2. I LOVE Le Bec Fin! I also got the duck the last time I went there -- it was so fabulous. :) Glad you had a good time!

  3. haha of course you got the duck :P

    also, i wanna hear about the anthro goodies!

  4. That lunch looks ridiculously good. I'm so jealous!