Monday, January 3, 2011

Water is Not Free- When in Germany Eat like Germans do

Events of January 2nd
I could not decide on the title for this blog because I thought of two really good ones while having dinner yesterday night. An explanation will come in a bit, after I briefly write about lunch time. Martin's half brother and family came for a visit yesterday. Martin has three adorable nephews and niece. Another lovely lunch was cooked by Martin's Mom. I was able to chat with Martin's very smart sister, Sandra, about her future travels. She is going to Indonesia later this year to teach English to orphans. I wish I considered something similar when I was her age. It makes me want to travel more before I become old and gray. After lunch, we took a brisk walk through the town and passed a few parks along the way.
Uncle Martin playing with Legos
So cute...
Playing with Jasper
An English Telephone Booth

Martin is secretly a big kid
Now for the title of today's blog, last night we had a very nice meal with Martin's friend, Martin. Yes, his name is  Martin as well. Since I have arrived in Germany, I have met three additional Martins. Very common name in Germany, I guess. So at the beginning of dinner, Martin asked me what I wanted to drink, I answered water. Then he said, water is not free. It is almost the same price as a regular drink. This took me by surprise that I had to pay for my water and that I can drink direct from the tap. We went to an Italian place and had pizza. The pies were huge, but my was very yummy: salmon, spinach, mushrooms and broccoli. Now for the second title, I wanted to eat my pizza with my hands. Both Martins used their forks and knives. I felt odd if I was the only person using hands, so I used the fork and knife as well.  Afterwards, we walked around the area; we were in Neustadt an der Weinstra├če. Then we went to a bar where I was introduced to a beverage that tasted like beer but did not have any alcohol in it. Martin ordered me a KiBa, which was basically cherry banana juice.
Instead of water I had Hot Chocolate
My pizza was huge!
Fork and Knife it in Germany
Martin no. 2
the town

Beer with no alcohol
This morning of January 3rd
We are getting better at waking up in the morning. Today Martin planned a walk into town so I could buy a postcard to send to my Godsister. We walked to the downtown area of Bad D├╝rkheim. When I first arrived, Martin gave me allowance to spend while I was here. I spent some of it today buying chocolate for my parents. 
Town Center

We have a few plans later today, Martin's cousin is visiting as well. She is English, thank goodness, someone who speaks English. Uwe, Martin's friend, visited Martin in the States this past Thanksgiving. We were suppose to have linner (lunch/dinner) with him today, but he is not feeling too well. In the end, we might end up doing something else. This evening, we are bowling. I assume it is not any different than in the U.S. 

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