Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saying 'cheerio' to London

Today was another day by myself. Of all the days that have been in London, today was the best in terms of weather. So walking around today was not as bad as Friday. I made my way to Tower Hill Station even with all the crazy closing of tube lines. London is getting ready for the Olympics so they are starting the improvements now. 
Prior to looking it up, I did not know that London Tower Bridge is different from London Tower and London Bridge. Try that for confusing tourist; they surely got me. I was very proud of myself being brave to wander about by myself. Thank goodness I sort of speak the language. Though half the people I ask to help me take a picture did not speak English. 

The first thing I saw exiting the station: a sundial

Another Egg-shaped Building
London Tower
Kind of like Rockefeller Center minus the Tree
Me and London Tower Bridge
London Tower Bridge
Not so good fish and chips

Next stop was Notting Hill to go to the Portobello Road. They are known for the antique markets and posh boutiques. It took me a good hour or so to walk through most of it. Though when I first arrived at the Notting Hill Gate Station, they had a few signs signalling where the markets were. When I exited, I lost track. I did what any smart tourist would do: follow the crowd. The little houses were cute and the stores were so addicting that I was drawn to every single one. Luckily I had no GBP so I could not buy anything. But I did find myself a cute cupcake shop called 'the hummingbird bakery'. I got Wendy and I each a cupcake: cupcake of the day was a strawberry cheesecake cupcake; yummy!

My favorite; it is blue!
Cute shops
Busy Street
'the hummingbird bakery's display window

<3 cupcakes!

Throughout the day, I was listening to my ipod. There are so many songs that I missed listening to; so many songs that I almost ran myself out of battery before getting back to Wendy's apartment. Do you ever get that reminiscing feeling listening to a certain song? I was feeling that all day, sometimes I would forget that I am on the street with other people that can hear me sing along with my ipod.

So many things caught my eye during today's walk:
Oi! Sounds like something that I would say...
English's form of dollar store, but once converted it is really $1.50 store
Picture for Grams: see all the cameras? old school stuff
Picture for Grams no. 2
I like the store name
hadn't taken a picture of a station until now; Notting Hill Gate Station: prettiest one I have seen thus far
The pizza restaurant's display
Oh the women here in London are thick skinned in the legs. I hope that does not sound insulting. So many women just wear legging when it is windy and rainy outside. If it were me, I would be bundled up like an Eskimo. 

On the way home, I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the tube. Thank goodness I woke up before the train left my stop. Wendy was not home when I got back, which had me stuck sitting on the stairs. Good thing I was able to at least get into the building and not be outside freezing. 

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