Saturday, January 8, 2011

No One Mentioned U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A.

January 6th
On the first full day of being in London, it poured. Of course, I also had a cold coming on. I really did not want to go out and view the city in the pouring rain. In the end, I only went out to go see "Love Never Dies" with Wendy at the Adelphi Theater. It is not well known in the States yet; it is the sequel to "Phantom of the Opera". The music and show was very nice, but it was another tragic story which made it sad. We grabbed McDonald's after the show. Crazy expensive of course.

January 7th
Wendy had to go to work on Friday , so I was to explore London by myself. My initial plan was to leave her flat at 10 am, but of course I woke up late and didn't leave half past. I took the tube to Green Park and walked to Buckingham Palace, took a few pictures and started my walk towards Westminster Abbey. It was POURING. Although it sounds like I am exaggerating and complaining, I thought I handled it quite well. I sucked it up and trudged on through the rain without an umbrella. I saw Westminster Abbey, Big Ben ( Exactly at 12pm) and the London Eye. I also walked over the Westminster Bridge. As lonely as I was, I enjoyed the time to myself. While walking I listened to my ipod and just appreciated being in London.

I was delighted to find out that Wendy's friend, Shaina, was in town and she wanted to know if I needed a sight-seeing buddy. I gladly accepted the company because walking all day by myself was a bit too lonely. I met up was with her for lunch around Oxford Circus. We went to a British Pub and had Fish and Chips. After lunch, we decided to go to Covent Garden and do some shopping. At this point, I started purchasing quite a bit of random stuff. I will not show any pictures to prevent anyone knowing how much crap I acquired.

We were to meet up with Wendy at 5:45 pm for drinks and dinner at Liverpool Street. Shaina and I decided to head there a bit early and just walk around that area. Of course I made some more purchases. Then Wendy showed up and we headed to a bar for drinks. We were there for sometime, because we did not go to Nando's for dinner until almost 9 pm. The company was great that evening; one could tell by our faces when we realized it was almost 11pm.
"Love Never Dies"
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey
My Guide
Big Ben
London Eye

OMG how old school
For grams
Lunch pub
Must do tourist thing- said Shaina
Covent Garden
My sight seeing buddy
January 8th
Shaina is heading to Cambridge this afternoon; she asked if we want to grab some lunch with her before she left. We are going to meet up with her at Kings Cross at 12 pm. I am so glad that Wendy knew her. She is such a sweet person and such wonderful company yesterday. Honestly, I do not think I would have had such a great time without her.

New adventure today to where... I do not know. But Wendy said we are going to take the bus since I haven't taken it yet.

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