Saturday, January 8, 2011

London Simplified

Today was a very simply day; it was simple but interesting. I have covered most of the "must see" places here in London. When Wendy asked me where I wanted to go today, I did not have any idea. Good thing the day did not start until after 12 pm. We met up with Shaina for brunch at King's Cross. 
Pretty Ceiling at brunch
Camino's for brunch
My Churros
After lunch, we went to Wendy's office to print out our vouchers for our pedicure that I found on Groupon: London. For 8 GBP, we had a 15 minute session with little fishes that ate the dead skin off our feet. I am super ticklish; it was such an odd feeling having fishes eat at my feet. I had mentioned to Wendy I wanted to go to Laduree. All I knew was that it is by Harrods, so we went to Knightsbridge searching for Laduree. I went to the one in Paris. Love its yummy macarons; I had to buy some. Wendy bought some desserts for dinner. Then we went to Chinatown to buy groceries for dinner. According to Wendy it is cleaner than New York City's.
fishes eating my feet
Wendy and Me

pretty display
Yummy desserts
London's Chinatown
I love how on the street the English tells you which way to look for cars. Good thing they put the arrow too. because with my lack of ability to know directions I probably be hit by a car. Tomorrow, I am on my own in the morning to see the London Tower Bridge and anything else I can fit in. Then Wendy will take me to a street market, by Notting Hill. Last day tomorrow, hopefully it will be a good one.

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  1. Glad you are having fun....all these pics look beautiful and yummy...come home safely