Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1st In Germany

1:00 pm
It is already 13 hours into the new year here and I slept for a good chunk due to jet-lag. As for the rest of the yesterday evening, it was rather eventful.

We attended a dinner hosted by Martin's friends, Philipp and Christina. Dinner was very good even though there were many things I did not really like to eat: hot peppers, bell peppers, cinnamon and gingerbread. Although the conversation carried on in German, I managed well with the few times they spoke in English. Otherwise, good company and lots of liqueur filled desserts.
Pepper With Goat Cheese
Philipp Cooking Dinner
Great Company
Yummy Desserts
After dinner, we returned home to join Martin's parents in watching "Dinner for One". From what I have gathered, the show plays on television only on New Year's Eve. Rather cute and really funny if you ever get the chance to watch it. I had the luxury to listen to Mr. Esser and Martin play the piano together. Sandra, Martin's sister, got home just in time to celebrate the New Year with us. It is legal to purchase fireworks a few days before New Years. We were also allowed to launch them. The entire neighborhood was launching them; it was a beautiful and exciting sight. I am very happy that was able to celebrate the New Year with The Essers. I  hope you were able to spend it with your loved one like I did.
Martin Can Play the Piano!
Possibly Future Martin...
Lighting my first fireworks
It's going...
The Lovely Essers
Group Photo
Martin and Me
2:15 pm
We just finished having fabulous lunch made by Martin's Mom. In a bit, Martin is planning to take me a road tour. Keep reading to stay updated...

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