Monday, January 10, 2011

Goodbye Europe, Until Next Time.

I wanted to start wrapping things up now that I am heading home. Except waiting patiently at the Heathrow Airport for my flight,  I have nothing better to do. I should have booked an earlier ticket. It did not occur to me that I would be wasting time sitting here just waiting. These last twelve days have been quite a journey. A journey I never intended to take on my own. But I have discovered and realized the most amazing things in this world and in my life.

I really want to mention the people that help make this lonely winter vacation of  mine into one of the best I have been on. First off, the Esser Family. They welcomed me into their home for the New Year and allowed me to spend it with them. They are truly a wonderful family. From the delicious meals made by Martin's Mom to the great laughs we had at the dinner table, hopefully we will meet again soon.

The Esser Family and Me
As for my stay in London, Wendy was such an amazing host. Even though she just got back from a Barcelona vacation, had to go to work and wasn't feeling good, she still spent time with me when she could and made me dinner. I appreciate her taking me in and dealing with all my indecisiveness on where to go in London.

Wendy and Me
Well, thats the end of my lovely Germany and United Kingdom trip. Until we meet again, Europe, I will see you at my next stop: Italy. (or maybe not, Tokyo, Japan is also calling me)

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