Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Einfahrt - Ausfahrt

January 3rd: Late afternoon until evening
My vocabulary is very limited in German. I try to ask Martin a few words everyday. However, I have been seeing one word consistently on the highway: Ausfahrt; it means exit. You could probably guess what Einfahrt means: Entrance. I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon through an Ausfahrt; this is making me very sad. I will be making an Einfahrt into London. Clearly, I did not use the words correctly because I think it is a noun of the physical driven-on path to exit and enter.

After lunch yesterday, Martin took me shopping in Mannheim. It is almost every girl's dream to have their boyfriend take them shopping. The fine print was the trip's real purpose was to buy him stuff, but it was fun anyway.

Water Tower
Light Rail

Silvester Market

 Later in the evening after dinner, Martin and I went bowling with another friend of his, Michael. Not really particularly good at bowling, but I did not perform poorly. I won the last game by a very small margin.

Scores of the last game.
Later this afternoon, we will being joining Philipp, Martin's friend who invited us to dinner on New Year's Eve, on a wine tasting. Not all too interested in wine, but Martin said I can spit it out, so I guess it is all right then.

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  1. cute haircut!!!!

    also when did you get so good at bowling?!