Tuesday, December 28, 2010

London & Frankfurt Bound

I will be leaving tomorrow night for my second trip ever to Europe. And YES, for those that keep asking I am super excited and am dying of anticipation. My bag is being weighed by my parents right now because they are being the usual nervous parents trying to make sure I am not over the weight limit. Daddy has already lectured and warned me of the "dangers" while I am away. Mommy has already tried sneaking in some extra money for me on this trip. Keep checking my blog for more regular updates on how I am doing. I will try to record and share every moment.

Now, I shall leave with a picture of the presents I made for a few friends. You cannot see the details but they are wall hangings for each friend and pictures of the memories we had this past semester. I gave it to them before we left to go home for winter break. I liked them so much I wanted to keep them and leaving them on my wall. Anyways, enjoy the last few days of 2010. I will see you in 2011.

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