Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ice Skating in Central Park

I have always wanted to go Rockefeller Center to go ice skating. Ever since the tree lighting on Tuesday, masses of tourist and locals are crowded around the area. When I went to see the tree on Friday, the line to go ice skating was ridiculously long. Thank goodness when I planned the ice skating get together for Sunday I had decided to go to the rink in Central park. I have gone ice skating at Central Park once before. This time I decided to go to the one further uptown near Harlem: Lasker Rink.

I picked out a restaurant for our brunch meeting. The restaurant was called Life is Good Supreme; their theme was healthy soul food. Though someone did question how healthy fried carrots were. They also had coffee that had wheat grass in it. Rather interesting, I would say.

1. Carrot Cheddar Fries
2. Martin's French Quarters
3. My Bella Burger
4. Steph's Cuban Burger
5. Dan's Full Moon
6. Brian's Breakfast Burrito
* Diana ordered a " Build your own omelette" but the picture came out fuzzy so its not included

Later we went to Central Park that is only two blocks away. We discovered earlier in the day that Brian use to play ice hockey. Who knew!? The things you learn outside the classroom about your classmates. I would call the outing a success.

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