Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is It Possible...

to go to two weddings in one day? I have found out the answer last weekend; YES. My family was invited to two weddings. One for my Cousin Spencer and one for my Cousin Ann.

At these individual weddings, I realized two things.
One: I want a short and to the point church service/ ceremony.
Two: I have very few cousins that are not married yet.

Spencer's Wedding ceremony was held at the Krikpatrick's Chapel in New Brunswick. I thought it was adorable that they decided to have their ceremony at Rutgers, where they met. I have only been to the chapel once before for Sharon's Choir Performance. It is a small warm inviting setting with red walls and mahagoney seats. My vocabulary is limited so I don't know how to describe the decor. But it was really nice and simple. I loved the color of the bridesmaid dresses, champagne. And like I clearly noted above, it was short. It was only twenty minutes. They said their vows and "I do"s and were pronouned husband and wife within half an hour. Nice and simple.
Lovely Bride and Handsome Groom
Grace and Spencer
Cousin Joyce and Me
Cousin Ann's reception was held in Flushing Queens. A nice venue with all the proper lighting effects you need for a party. Most of my cousin's were there so it was more fun. But like I mentioned earlier, I am running out of cousins that aren't married. One of my aunts came up to me and said, "So.. when is it going to be your turn?" I came up with the quickest come-back which was to say Cousin Tony , her son, is still first. The reality of it is I am getting to the age that this question is not really a silly one anymore. When they asked me when I was sixteen, it was more of a joke. With only a handful of cousins left, I can only say that someone else is first so many more times.
Lovely Bride and Handsome Groom
Ann and Chris
Cousin Queena and Me


  1. ooh your dress in that last picture looks fancy shmancy!

  2. relax, you still have enough time. noone can dictate the time of your wedding, or even if you choose to get married at all!