Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't say Yankees...

11:14 am

It is officially 11:14 am as it is stated on Lucy, Dad’s Midnight blue Lexus. Dad and I are being rerouted through Ardsley, New York because we accidently stayed on 87. Lucy has decided to lead us to the Boston Hilton by taking as many local streets as possible. As we are slightly frustrated driving through this random time, we maintain a bright outlook on this cold rainy day. The trees are changing colors beautifully and we are still making time on our way up to Massachusetts.

11:21 am

Next stop White Plans. Dad still has a sense of humor that he would mention how we are passing a Mall -White Plains Galleria. We passed by major malls on the way up, saw an IKEA and across the street was Garden State Plaza. Later we saw Palisades Mall and then Dad mentioned that we might be able to go to Woodbury on the way home on Sunday. Finally we have rerouted and are heading back to Interstate 287. Unfortunately Lucy is telling us that it will now take 4 hours to get to Boston. When we started in Newark at 10 am this morning it also said 4 hours.

1:56 pm

Stopped for lunch, but we went to a place I never thought I would ever go. We had McDonald’s. Unheard of! It was our only choice after we picked the rest stop. With only about an hour and ten minutes away from Boston, and about four hours from dinner, it was best to have something small. Tonight we are going to have dinner with one of Dad’s former students. But I actually know her because we took Concert Choir together. Dinner is at Atlantic Fish Company tonight with Jen Krudyla.

3:10 pm

So we have arrived in BOSTON! I am so excited; I haven’t been here in who knows how long. I am sitting in the lobby waiting for Dad to come check us in. He is currently parking the car right now. The Hilton is pretty nice; it is next to the Sheraton that Dad says they stay at for the conference up here in the Spring. On the way to the hotel, I saw Boston University. And then we passed Fenway Stadium for the Red Sox. I don’t know too much about baseball, just that I was warned to not mention Yankees.

On the road, I wish the colors turned out better inthe picutre. The trees were so pretty and the sun finally peaked out.

View from our room.

I get the bed by the window! Yippy!

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