Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to Reality

11:08 am
At this time, I just remembered to change the time on my watch. We are having a lovely lunch with Kuohsin Chen at Flour Bakery. Dad and I had checked out super early today. We thought it would take us awhile to get to the bakery. It was only three minutes away from the hotel. So we were forty minutes early. When we first arrived, it was packed and had no seats available. This bakery wasn’t near any school in particular; who knew that is would be this pack at nine thirty in the morning. With a look around, we knew instantly it would have been a great place for Grams to take some shots. My pictures below will just have to do until she has the chance to go up there herself.

Their famous "sticky bun"

Hot Chocolate. I was too chicken to try the "Fiery Hot Chocolate"

Dad and Kuohsin

2:07 pm
We are about an hour and eight minutes away from Newark. I have taken a nap and pretty much just stared out the window for majority of the ride home. I should be doing some work. But I have always liked to just sit quietly and think. Now that I am slowly approaching closer and closer to real life again, I am being mindful of all things that I need to do once I return home. This weekend has given me some perspective on a few things I have been trying to figure out. I think these mini-trips help me remember who I am and what I want to do with my life. Now knowing that trips help me refocus, I am looking forward to my trips this winter break. 


  1. ahaha thanks for the shoutout. i WILL have to get up there myself. :D

  2. looking like you're having a super time Mandy; and thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a nice comment too.