Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Little Black Dresses

Super overwhelmed with school that I forget important brithdays. Thank goodness facebook has those reminders for us everyday that it is someone's birthday. So over the weekend, a close family friend celebrated her 20th birthday. We always call each other cousins to make the relationship much easier for others to understand. But I want to wish her a Happy Birthday on my blog.


The picture was taken at her (my semi-) brother's engagement party. We both wore black dresses. Of course she looked pretty as always. No elaboration to why I did the layout as is. I have too much to do at school; I will just let you enjoy instead.

Message to the Birthday Girl: Sorry I couldn't celebrate with you, but I bet you had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I will see you soon. Miss you and New Brunswick dearly. Hope this semester is going well for you. 
Lots of love being sent your way. 

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