Friday, October 8, 2010

Restuarant Week Part 2

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out." -Walter Winchell

Have you ever left something incomplete? Because you cannot figure how to finish, what was missing or pin point what your theme was. This layout took me a while to finish because I did not know how to finish it. But today I decided to finish up because sometimes I tend to forget about things and I didn't want to forget about this dinner.

For a good eight-nine months, I have been learning to be independent and to be my own person. But a lot of this couldn't have happened without the help of friends. When you least expect it, they step up and help you through the toughest periods of your life. One of them was my friend Alan Yueng. Meeting in the first year of my undergrad, I surprised Alan by being in a few of his sophomore classes as a freshman. Over the years, we would always say that we would hang out sometime, but never got around to it. This past May, we graduated together from Rutgers School of Engineering with Civil Engineering Degrees (Alan had his degree in December, but chose to walk in May).

Over the summer, we decided to have dinner together during Restaurant Week. We went to Abbaccato, an Italian place on 55th Street. It was fun to catch up on life and we were able to go out a few more times later in the summer. It always nice to know how if you make the effort, friends are never too far away.
Later that night, I remember we had bumped into two of my high school friend at Momofuku Milk Bar on 56th Street. Its Blueburry and Cream cookies are to die for.

I wanted to highlight the pictures. The white circles are actually popped up off the sheet. They have green and purple rims. It reminds me of the lights you see when you view the night scene of any city. I would say New York City since it is the one I see the most often. As for the square pictures, I was short one; but thank goodness I had 6 business cards from the restaurant. The orange raindrops originally were positioned to be in a circular pattern to look like flowers. But I wanted them to look more like raindrops.

Paper- Prima Marketing
Alpha- K& Company
Embellishment- Cloud 9 Design

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