Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Restaurant Week Part 1

"I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitly more important than what I can see."
- Duane Michals

Never have I been able to do restaurant week in NYC. This year I made up for it very quickly. I did not look up which restaurants are the "must go" to-s. I just picked the places at random. My decision on restaurant was based on if the name sounded cool and the picture on the site looked cool. That is how I picked my first one: Wall & Water.

Now trick question, where do you think the restaurant is located? It obviously wasn't a trick question. But I was not smart enough to think of it until I looked up how to get there. A friend of mine and I went for fun after work one evening. I did not need a reservation but I of course made one anyway. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous, the stairs wowed me the most. My friend, Chris Kanhai, is an arcitecture student so it was a field day for him.

As for the food, it was good. I never had articoke, so that was a first for me. Sort of odd in how it is eaten. The waiter brought me this super good drink that tasted like grapefruit. Unfortunately, I do not know what was in it; so I cannot have it reproduced until I return to Wall & Water. The kitchen was open right next to us which was super neat because we could watch them cook our dinner.

My layout was orginally drawn to have a street corner in it. Because it was at the intersection of Water Street and Wall Street, I wanted to place the picture as the building. The two border strips are to represent the streets. I even put the name of the street on the page with a dual purpose of being a title too. The picture of my friend and I is where the restaurant is located.

paper- S.E.I Juliette
Borders- White Blossom
letters- White Blossom

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  1. loving the squares, of course. and cute idea about the intersection.