Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frozen Fruity Goodness

So this layout has been laying on my scrapbook table at school for the past two weeks. I hadn't gotten time to do more, but today is my good friend's birthday so I decided to finish it quickly and do a quick blog for her and another good friend whose birthday was three days ago.
Life has been totally different since I have moved to Newark. I miss my engineering friends and counterparts that I always knew would be around if I ever needed them. Annie Kennedy and Sarah Dempsey are two awesome girls that you definitely want to be friends with. 
The last year of my undergraduate years, a Fruity Yogurt opened up on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick. It was a brilliant idea, good business concept was all I could think of. I think it was long Friday, and we wanted to get some fruity yogurt after our weekly tour for prospective students. 

The color theme had to be multi-colored because when I think of fruits, I think of all the different colors. I also pulled out my slice to make the letters. I haven't used my slice often enough; I do not have enough design cards either. Definitely, need to get more of them. 

Paper- Double Mates, Me & My Big Ideas, MM Mat stack
Stickers- Mrs. Grossman's Vellum Stickers, MM Chloe's Closet, DCWV quote stack
Embellishment- MM Chloe's closet Paper clips
Letters- Slice Basic's 3

Message to the Birthday Girls:
Happy Birthday to both of you! Thank you for always being awesome friends and the coolest people to hang out with. I enjoyed all the events and activities we did together. Like the quote, " All friends are priceless". I want you two to know you are priceless in my heart. Sorry I couldn't make it to the labor day weekend dinner. Hopefully I will see you two soon. Hope your Birthdays are/were fun. Miss you dearly!

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