Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Range of Feelings

Of the past few nights, my emotions have been all over the place. If you ask me for what reason, I cannot honestly say or pinpoint why I feel depressed. As for tonight, I feel slightly bipolar. Earlier this evening I was by myself at my apartment with no one to eat dinner with, and suddenly my good friend, who now lives in PA, and I decided to video chat. We chatted for two hours catching up on the last two months of craziness. Not only did we chat, we had dinner together. All it took was two web cams, two bowls of cereal and two hours of our time to go from being a lonely person to the person I remembered being six months ago.

This layout was of Valentine's Day. Sindhu and I did not have a Valentine, but we had an awesome friend Karan. He was late picking us up for lunch but his excuse was totally excusable. He was trying to buy us flowers. I do explain the story in my journaling above. (I think there is a typo somewhere up there) The moral of this quick blog post is to appreciate what you have.

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