Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goodbye Pretty Apartment

Today is my last day in Edgewater, it has been truly a wonderful ten weeks. I did not expect it to go by so quickly and semi-pleasantly. I am moving out tomorrow to Newark, which isn't something I look forward to after living here at this lovely apartment complex. I have been spoiled living here, especially with my two  awesome roommates, I know that Newark will not be able to compare.

Above is one of the new layouts that I made last Saturday. I took these pictures earlier in the summer when I first moved here. Some are of the common areas in our apartment and the view from the balcony. Most of the materials are from my Crop Chocolate stash that I received. The colors give me a warm homey feeling.

Pattern Paper- Paper Adventure Carolyn Holt Designs LLC
Alpha Letters- Making Memories Chloe's Closet Cork Alpha Letters
Pins- Making Memories Chloe's Closet 30 Pins
Flowers - Making Memories Chloe's Closet Flower Stickers

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dreaMS Design 1

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