Sunday, August 1, 2010

Did Not Die, Yet.

Life has taken over everything I thought I had a grasp on, to the point that I have neglected to update and make new pages. I brought most of my materials with me this summer thinking that I would have time to create new layouts. Frankly, I have just been lazy.  By the time I return home from work or from dinner, to pull everything out and then to have to put it back before I go to bed just sounds exhausting. Doesn't it?

Last week, I had tried to plan minimal dinners and to cut down shopping sprees. Unfortunately, it still didn't give me enough time to making anything worthy of showing. Along with that thought, I had gone and done some serious retail therapy. I am starting to believe there is a positive correlation to the amount that I spend to how strongly I feel. Retail therapy was fun regardless. On top of all the shopping I did over the weekend, on Friday, my Crop Chocolate goodies arrived at the apartment. But I went home, so I couldn't open it until I returned tonight. I needed to use my $15 credit and start designing for them (or else they may not want me as a designer anymore). But I was super excited to find out what I got... and I am going to share what I spent my savings on this weekend through pictures. I also did some massive damage at Anthropologie, but those are for another time and place. 

Goodies from Crop Chocolate
First Stop at Scrappers Cove

Results of a quick Michaels Visit
I am super excited to get started with all my new materials. It is definitely going to be a scrap-full week. I hope.

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